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Our service options allow you to choose and only pay for what you need.

View our service options, then submit a query to obtain a quote. We will promptly reply with a services quote.

After receiving your confirmation that you are satisfied to go ahead with a contract of services we will issue a timetable of actions required by you and Alpha to ensure timely tax calculations and submission of online returns. 


This will include: 

  • obtaining agent authorization 
  • set up of standing order for monthly payment option
  • identify a way for you to communicate your business transactions to us on an agreed timely basis
  • processing your records to produce appropriate accounting returns and tax statements
  • you to check and sign the returns then send them back to us
  • as your authorized agents we will submit the returns online
  • you to pay the tax at set times


Choose from our services by browsing through the services list.  Contact our customer service team for further information and to arrange a no obligation consultation.